Top 7 Favorite Yarns: Easy and Fashionable Yarns

Wool Ease by Lion BrandWe’re so excited to tell you about our favorite yarn finds!

Hope you enjoy this special feature on the Top 7 Favorite Yarns,  Joanne’s Web style!

1) CHUNKY: The easiest and most convenient yarn for newbies. It allows you to clearly knit easy and more complicated patterns and be able to correct your mistakes. Not only is it easy but also fashionable, as many of the latest trends out there feature chunky yarn and stitches.

Favorite brands for chunky yarn:  Lion Bran Wool Ease and Red Hear Super Saver Chunky Yarn

Red-Heart-E7821960-Boutique-Sashay-Yarn-Boogie-0Ruffle Yarn

Ruffle / Sashay / Fishnet Yarn Video Tutorial Here

  2) RUFFLE: Ruffle yarn is awesome for decorative parts for your projects like sleeves, glove edges, edges of sweaters and for Ruffle Scarves.

We think maybe a skirt made of this yarn would look great, but we haven’t ventured there yet.

Our favorite: Red Hear Boutique ‘Sashay’ Yarn.

 3) COLOR CHANGING: Also known as ‘variegated’, ‘gradient’ ‘gradient’ yarn. This yarn tends to change among a particular set of colors. It’s fantastic for ‘rice’ stitches that display texture.

Bernat Softee Chunky Ombre Yarn

Bernat Softee Chunky Ombre Yarn

Our favorite: Bernat Ombre Yarn

 4) LACE: Lace yarn is originally known to be used for socks, but nowadays many avid knitters and crocheters have gotten very creative and made amazing spring scarves and other accessories that look super delicate and feminine.

A lot of the lace yarn also comes ‘variegated’ or in ‘ombre’ styles.

Favorite Brand: Patons Lace Yarn

5) RIBBON: Ribbon Yarn is very similar to Ruffle Yarn as it has some spots you can use and make create ‘ruffly’ projects full of volume (and fun, of course!). Ribbon, ia actually a little bit easier to handle, as it only has one single row of ‘gaps’ you can interchangeably use when knitting or corcheting. Please check out our Ribbon Video Tutorial Ribbon Yarn Video Tutorialto know what we mean.

You can use ribbon for making scarves or decorating projects. Purses are also a super cute project idea and very easy to make!

Favorite Brand: Red Hear Boutique Ribbons

 6) TEXTURED:  Textured yarn is so much fun! It makes all knitting and crochet projects stand out and look extremely original.

One think WE love to do is mixing textured yarn with regular yarn and alternating between them as well.

There are some many interesting textured yarns out there and most of them are found on mom and pop local hobby and yarn stores but some of the most beautiful we’ve seen (at Hill Country Weavers in Austin) we the Recycled Silk Sari Yarn which tends to be super bright and beautiful.

We do recommend mixing your textured yarn with regular yarn, as it can be a bit more difficult and complicated to knit/crochet it on its own.


7) BEADED: Beaded yarn is widely used for crochet jewelry and delicate accessories like scarves, handbags and gloves.

While some of them can be on the pricy end, you can find a pretty sequined yarn for a good price on Amazon or local hobby stores.Textured Yarn

We still advice to use it mostly for decorative purposes or for small pieces, as it tends to stand out a little more like that.

Sometimes, you  might want to have a focused area of beads on your project. For this, we have a great video tutorial for you:

Knitting and Crochet with Beads 

Knitting and Crochetting with Beads

It’s easier than you think!

Our favorite beaded yarn: Beaded Silk and Sequin Yarn

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