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  • Crochet Shell Pattern #1 |Open Lace Stitch

    Crochet Shell Pattern #1 |Open Lace Stitch

    Crochet Shell Pattern #1 This is a very decorative yet simple to make stitch. Ideal for your Spring and Summer Crochet projects. Follow this easy video tutorial and instructions.

  • Crochet Ripple Stitch (Chevron or Zig Zag) Video Tutorial

    Crochet Ripple Stitch (Chevron or Zig Zag) Video Tutorial

    The Crochet Ripple Stitch is an intermediate level Crochet pattern made to create ‘waves’. Not to be confused with another of our videos, the Rip Tide Crochet Stitch. You can use as many color as you want. To get a good idea of how they look together, we suggest this link: Color Palette Creator. This […]

  • Double Sided Knitting | Knitting with two yarns

    Double Sided Knitting | Knitting with two yarns

    Learn Double Sided Knitting with two different color yarns. You can also create your our reversible designs!   This is one of those videos we made from very popular request! Hope you enjoy it! You start off casting on with the two color yarns and the amount of stitches you want for your project. Remember that […]

  • Crochet Granny Square

    Crochet Granny Square

    This is the most basic Crochet Granny Square video tutorial and the basic pattern to help you build all kinds of crochet projects! We use a combination of 5 different yarns, to give you some ideas. You can find yarn like this in our store: [wwcAmzAffProducts asin=”B00KIFJL6Q”][/wwcAmzAffProducts] Check out this awesome Granny Square Blanket: […]

  • Crochet Bunting Flags

    Crochet Bunting Flags

    The Crochet Bunting Flags video tutorial is here! This is a very basic crochet video tutorial where we show you how to make a granny-square type of project but with a triangular shape instead. Choose any colors you like, a great alternative to decorate a baby’s room, for example would be to have nice pastel […]

Knitting and crochet video tutorials, instructions and community support. 

knitting an crochet video tutorials

Joanne focuses on teaching the art and craft of knitting and crochet through clear and easy to understand knitting video tutorials.

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It's Baby Season!

Spring and Summer Specials

Knitted Spiral Flower

Knitted Spiral Flower

How to knit a small spiral flower using wool yarn. Perfect for decorative projects.

Knitted Purse for Girls

Knitted Purse for Girls

A little girl’s purse- This is a simple project based on the ‘Knitted Wash Cloth’ video tutorial:

Knitted Baby Booties Super Easy

Knitted Baby Booties Super Easy These are super easy knitted baby booties. Good for all skill levels. Instructions: Size 6 knitting needles Baby yarn (#3) Cast on 20 stitches Knit every row, 38 times. Sew half way from front Sew back

Crochet Bunting Flags

Crochet Bunting Flags

This is a tutorial to make crochet triangles that can then be joined by a string into decorative bunting flags. Granny square tutorial coming up next week!