• Easy and Quick Cast-On Knitting

    This is a very quick way you "Cast-on" your first stitches into your needles. In here I show you an Read More
  • Ran out of yarn!- Add More Yarn to Your Knit

    Ran out of yarn while knitting? Don't despair, the answer is in this video. This tutorial will teach you how Read More
  • Bind Off | Finishing a Knitted Project

    This is how you actually take the stitches off your needles. There are two methods: with two needles of with Read More
  • Sewing two knitted pieces together ( same side or opposite side)

    Learn how to join knitted pieces together. Either side-to side ones or opposite side knitted pieces.   Read More
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Trend Alert: LACE!
Stop envying those gorgeous, handknit lace and openwork patterns in magazines and clothing stores and create your own!

Tahki Cotton Classic Spring/Summer 2005 Knitting Book
This amazing collection of 20 knitwear designs features Tahki's "Cotton Classic," one of the best-selling mercerized yarns on the market.

Dozens and dozens of bright and cheery knitting projects for spring are waiting for you in this issue, now available for your immediate download and enjoyment!

Another very popular trend in knitting. And quite an easy one for beginners:

Go beyond basic knit and purl stitches and learn 12 different stitch patterns that will expand your knitting skills and build your confidence!

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